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Bidvest Paperplus (Pty) Ltd (BPP) is a 100% subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited (Bidvest). Bidvest’s current BEE status is a Level 4 Contributor, Empowering Supplier and >51% Black owned. This status is valid until 21 April 2017 and legitimately includes BPP.

As a company, Bidvest Paperplus strives to continuously improve its own BEE status and therefore undergoes an independent rating which sets the standards according to which it aligns its BEE strategy. The latest rating saw Bidvest Paperplus awarded a Level 7 Contributor, Empowering Supplier and >51% Black owned status, and is valid until 21 March 2017.

BPP has the following plans in place to achieve a minimum of a Level 4 Contributor status within a period of 2-3 years:

Preferential Procurement

We have engaged with a BEE Consulting Agency to assist us with the drafting of a “plan” as per statement 400 section 6.5.2. of the regulations with regard to branded and technical specifications of imported goods. Once this plan/report is finalised it will be submitted to the DTI for their overview. This process commenced in February 2016, at which time preliminary meetings had been held with the Director of the Black Economic Empowerment Unit. We anticipate having this process concluded in the 2016 financial year.

Supplier Development

We are currently investigating various Supplier Development Initiatives in order to ensure that we remain compliant with required standards and to also improve our status in this respect.

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